November 3, 2023

Jacob Aging in Place Landing Page Concept 2024

"Aging-in-Place Alan"


  • Age: 65+
  • Gender: Male or Female
  • Location: Suburban or rural areas with a long-term family home
  • Marital Status: Widowed, married, or living with a partner
  • Education: High school diploma, some may have college experience
  • Occupation: Retired or working part-time
  • Household Income: Varies, often reliant on savings, pensions, or social security
  • Home Ownership: Owns a home that may require modifications to support aging in place


  • Values independence and the familiarity of living in their own home
  • Prioritizes safety and accessibility in their living environment
  • May feel a strong emotional attachment to their home and neighborhood
  • Seeks convenience and ease in home maintenance
  • Interested in products that promote health, mobility, and comfort

Behavioral Traits:

  • Seeks information on home safety and accessibility modifications
  • Attends community events or local seminars on aging in place
  • Likely to rely on family and community services for assistance
  • Prefers to make purchasing decisions based on trust and thorough research
  • May require hands-on experience or demonstrations before buying


  • To maintain independence and quality of life while aging
  • To ensure the home environment is safe and accommodates mobility challenges
  • To have a bathroom that is functional, accessible, and easy to use
  • To minimize the physical strain of daily activities


  • Physical limitations that require home modifications
  • Finding cost-effective ways to adapt their home for safety and accessibility
  • Navigating the plethora of products and deciding on the best investments
  • Concerns about the home modification process and finding reliable contractors

Information Sources:

  • Recommendations from healthcare providers and occupational therapists
  • Educational resources from senior organizations and community groups
  • Reviews and testimonials from other individuals who have made similar home modifications
  • Senior-focused home improvement workshops or expos

Buying Motivations:

  • Desire to live safely and comfortably in their own home for as long as possible
  • Recognition of the need for home modifications to prevent accidents
  • Assurance that investments in the home will improve daily life and mobility

Objections/Barriers to Purchase:

  • High cost of renovations and uncertainty about financial assistance
  • Worry about the invasiveness and duration of the renovation process
  • Concerns about choosing the right products for their specific needs

Marketing Message:

For "Aging-in-Place Alan," the marketing message should focus on safety, comfort, and maintaining independence. The message should convey empathy for their desire to stay in their own home and provide clear information about the benefits and value of choosing accessible bathtubs and showers. It's important to reassure potential buyers that solutions are tailored to their needs, affordable, and can be installed with minimal disruption.

Possible Channels:

  • Direct mail brochures with clear, large print and easy-to-understand information
  • Local newspapers and community bulletin boards
  • Senior centers and health care clinics
  • Websites and online forums catering to senior needs and aging in place topics
  • Word-of-mouth referrals from previous satisfied customers

By crafting a marketing approach that aligns with the needs and habits of "Aging-in-Place Alan," companies can effectively communicate the value of their bathtubs and showers designed for aging individuals looking to adapt their homes and lifestyles.

Jacob Aging in Place Landing Page for 2024

H1: Empowering Your Independence with Safe, Accessible Bath Solutions

H2: Customizable Bathtubs & Showers – Designed for Comfort and Safety at Home

Description: Unlock the freedom to enjoy your home without compromise. Our range of bathtubs and showers are meticulously crafted to support your independent lifestyle while ensuring safety and ease of use. Discover how you can maintain the comfort of your familiar surroundings with our accessible bathroom modifications.


  1. Demographics Match:
    • H2: Tailored for Your Golden Years
    • Description: Whether you're enjoying retirement or still engaged in part-time work, our bathroom solutions are designed for those who cherish their long-term family home. We understand the importance of a budget-friendly, secure, and comfortable living space that aligns with your suburban or rural lifestyle.
  2. Psychographic Understanding:
    • H2: Enhancing the Home You Love
    • Description: Your home is more than a building; it's a trove of memories and the foundation of your independence. Our safety-focused bathtubs and showers are created to respect your emotional connection to your home, fostering convenience and peace of mind for you and your loved ones.
  3. Behavioral Insights:
    • H2: Informed Choices for a Safer Tomorrow
    • Description: We know you value trust and knowledge in every purchase. That's why we provide comprehensive resources and hands-on demonstrations to guide you through selecting the perfect bath modifications, ensuring a blend of safety and accessibility that fits your life.
  4. Goal-Oriented Solutions:
    • H2: Reinventing Bathroom Safety for Your Independence
    • Description: Achieve the perfect balance of functionality and accessibility in your bathroom. Our products are designed to minimize strain, accommodate mobility challenges, and maintain the high quality of life you deserve.
  5. Addressing Challenges:
    • H2: Overcoming Obstacles with Smart Design
    • Description: Adapt your home to meet your needs without the stress. From addressing physical limitations to simplifying the renovation process, our solutions are cost-effective and promise to navigate the challenges of home modifications with you.
  6. Information Source Compatibility:
    • H2: Guided by Experts, Inspired by You
    • Description: We collaborate with healthcare professionals and draw from real-world testimonials to ensure our products meet your standards. Tap into a wealth of knowledge from senior organizations and experience the difference of expert-backed solutions.
  7. Buying Motivations:
    • H2: Invest in Your Safety, Invest in Your Life
    • Description: Each product is an investment in your future at home. With our accessible bathtubs and showers, prevent accidents and foster a safe environment that upholds your independence.
  8. Overcoming Objections:
    • H2: Your Concerns, Our Commitments
    • Description: We understand the financial and emotional weight of home renovations. Our team is dedicated to providing transparent cost information, non-invasive installation processes, and personalized product selection to fit your unique requirements.
  9. Marketing Message:
    • H2: Stay Home, Stay You – Safe Bathing for Life
    • Description: Embrace the comfort of your home with the confidence that you are supported by bathroom solutions that understand your desire for independence. Our promise is a safe, comfortable, and independent lifestyle, with minimal disruption to the home you love.
  10. Preferred Channels Engagement:
    • H2: Connect with Us – Your Way
    • Description: Reach out through your preferred channels. Whether it’s a brochure, a community board, or a friendly conversation at your local senior center, we're here to offer the information you need in the format you trust.

"Aging-in-Place Alan" buyer persona, showcasing empathy and a deep understanding of their unique needs and preferences.

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